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Sticky notes - birds by AmericanNoise Sticky notes - birds :iconamericannoise:AmericanNoise 3 8
Panic vol. 1
I don't wanna sleep alone tonight
Sneak into my bed, like you did
Into my heart, soul and mind
Hold me tight
And promise me
You are never gonna die
:iconamericannoise:AmericanNoise 2 0
Sour and Sweet [Little Girls] by AmericanNoise Sour and Sweet [Little Girls] :iconamericannoise:AmericanNoise 2 2
Flavours from your head
Little sweet girl
Who just wants to rule the world
Who just wants to rule them all
Wearing her paper crown
Covered with glitter and glue
Little sour girl
Who just wants to be a queen
Who just wants to be more mean
Wearing her beautiful dress
Full of dead flowers and rotten meat
Little bitter girl
Who just wants to kill us all
Who just wants to play with all
Wearing her white crystal shoes
Leaving you with headache and tears
Little salty girl
Who just wants to be more tasty
Who just wants to be less nasty
Holding a magic wand in her hand
Looking for someone to decapitate
:iconamericannoise:AmericanNoise 2 2
The Brave One by AmericanNoise The Brave One :iconamericannoise:AmericanNoise 2 0
seven days of cornflowers
Stealing a french kiss
From your sweet, soft lips
Seven days of pleasure, that’s for sure
Seven days of love so pure
That all the stars shining bright
Through the coldest and darkest night
Can be jealous of the lovers
Preparing just casual sleepovers
Tasting raspberries in the warm lamp light
Or playing games under the cover of the night
And then two months of pain and waiting
Two months of suffocating
Because of the mysterious ‘it’
Learn, Perform, Repeat
But does anything really matter
If we’re holding bouquets of cornflowers?
:iconamericannoise:AmericanNoise 3 0
Dreamcatchers - first try by AmericanNoise Dreamcatchers - first try :iconamericannoise:AmericanNoise 2 2 Shadow aesthetic by AmericanNoise Shadow aesthetic :iconamericannoise:AmericanNoise 2 2
Zwiazek na odleglosc
Płakała za każdym razem, gdy musiał od niej odjeżdżać.
Płakała, kiedy ją rozczulał.
Płakała, kiedy tak stał i obserwował, jak wsiada do samochodu.
Płakała po powrocie do domu o 3 nad ranem.
Płakała przez cały następny dzień, snując się po domu jak żywy trup i wymawiając się bólem brzucha przed zaniepokojoną rodziną.
Płakała z tęsknoty.
Płakała ze szczęścia.
Płakała, bo czuła, że tylko to jej może pomóc.
Zanosiła się łzami, kiedy tulił ją na dworcu po raz ostatni.
Odprowadzała go wzrokiem, a z jej oczu popłynęły łzy, kiedy zniknął za drzwiami prowadzącymi na dworzec.
Płakała, gdy okazało się, że jej autobus nie przyjechał i mogła spędzić z nim jeszc
:iconamericannoise:AmericanNoise 1 2
Shadow by AmericanNoise Shadow :iconamericannoise:AmericanNoise 4 7 Silent by AmericanNoise Silent :iconamericannoise:AmericanNoise 2 0 Kira by AmericanNoise Kira :iconamericannoise:AmericanNoise 2 1 Reyze by AmericanNoise Reyze :iconamericannoise:AmericanNoise 4 1 Dark Archer by AmericanNoise Dark Archer :iconamericannoise:AmericanNoise 3 0 NightWatch as W.I.T.C.H! by AmericanNoise NightWatch as W.I.T.C.H! :iconamericannoise:AmericanNoise 8 10
Jaki to chłopiec niedobry!
Tak mnie wciąż zbywa niegrzecznie,
Muszę się gniewać na niego,
Gniewać koniecznie.

Założę się o każdego mojego kota, że pamiętasz ten wiersz. Ciągle mam nagranie, na którym go dla mnie czytasz. Lubię go sobie czasem puścić w losowym momencie dnia, kiedy mam chwilę spokoju i potrzebuję cię usłyszeć, a nie jest to możliwe. Znam go już przez ciebie na pamięć, chociaż w trochę zmienionej wersji. To pewnie przez to, że lubisz wymyślać słowa podczas czytania. Żeby było dziwniej, lubię to twoje zmyślanie. W końcu gdyby nie ono, nie powstałyby takie kwiatki jak nałożnica z Konga.
Niedawno wyrwał mi z ręki
Zerwany w polu bławatek
i przypiął sobie do piersi
Skradziony kwiatek.

Chciałabym, byś pr
:iconamericannoise:AmericanNoise 1 0





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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
  • Listening to: Gravity - Against The Current
  • Watching: Detective Conan
  • Drinking: Tea
This is :iconpakamaka:'s fault.

1) Choose one of your own characters. 
2) Make them answer the following questions. 
3) Then, tag 4 people.
Pakamaka already did it, so... hm.
:icontypowyslade: :iconmaid-of-orleans: :iconavarati-elvo: and of course one and only...
4) Feel free to add some questions of your own.
I have another test tomorrow, I barely have time for answers.

1) What gender are you?
I'm a female. At least it what my friend's says.

2) Do you want a hug?
Sure, why not? :D

3) Do you have any bad habits?
Em... I don't think so. I'm clear and innocent as a butterfly :3.
(ok, you get me, I'm addicted to sugar, especially to the sweet juices. Weird, I know)

4) What is your favorite food?
Sweets, juices, sweets, fruits, sweets.

5) What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Oh, that's easy. Everything that includes cookies.
Or mint with chocolate. I'm still not sure.

6) Have you killed anyone?

7) Do you hate anyone?
Oh, I almost hate (or more likely very very dislike) the people who were making experiments on my mother and killed her in that way. And the ones who hurts animals, especially bugs. 

8) Do you have any secrets?

*singing very loudly* have a secret, can you keep it? ... Wait, when did I learn that lyrics? 

9) What is your favorite season?
Of course summer because of my genetics problem. On summer I can just jump out of bed in the morning instead of waiting for a special lightbulbs to warm me. Oh, and there's a lot of fireflies in my area on summer evenings, I love fireflies!

10) Who are your best friends?
The heroes of Portheaven :D Every member of NightWatch in other words + Ginger, my childhood friend. Unfortunetly I haven't talk to her for so long...

11) What are your hobbies?
Joking around, watching TV shows, rollerblading and learning new things about my powers and the world around me.

12) What is your favorite drink?
As I said before: juices. I love every kind of juice in the world. The sweeter, the better. 

13) When is your birthday?
Oh, to be honest... I don't really know. In orphanage where I lived before the Nightwatch we didn't celebrate birthdays and all my documents are still there, so... I don't know.

14) What age did you die?
Oh, I died? When? Wait, let me that check it in data base...

15) Are you nice or mean?
Of course I'm nice to everyone! Why would I be mean? I'm a butterfly, I don't have time for being mean.

16) What do you think of your creator?
I think she could use a good hairdresser and dye her hair in some fancy colour, f.e. ligh blue. It would be awesome! Also I think she is bit annoying with all that drama she creates for her OC's, but who am I to complaining? I'm still in better position than Vanity or Kay, so... I should say that I'm glad she is my creator and ask her politely to not change anything in my backstory. Please?

17) What is your weakness?
Hm. I think I'm very creduolus and weak. My biggest weakness is also fact that I can't fully control my powers. That's really annoying and can be dangerous.

18) How long can you stay under water?
Less than a minute. I don't like water.

19) What do you do on a regular day basis?
FIGHTING CRIMEEEE! Or where there isn't any danger to take care of, I mostly sleeping, training with Silent and rollerblading. I really like it.

20) Do you love someone?

*blush* Well, yes, maybe, no, I don't know, really. Stop, I know, but I don't know if he likes me in the same way, so I don't want to say anything. My confess may broke our friendship and I really don't want it, so I will keep quiet.

21) Does that person love you back?
Oh... *sadly* I wish he did, but I really don't know it. It's easier to assume that he doesn't.

22) What do you consider fun in the day time?

Rollerblading as I already said many times. Also learning new, interesting things is fun.
Jesus Christ, I'm so boring ;_;.

23) Do you like meatballs?
I usually don't eat meat because of the smell and taste, so no, I don't.

24) Do you like Chef Boyardee's meatballs?

25) Say that you were trapped in a closet with your lover for two days.
Mine or her?
(Funny, old times, but I don't want to go there)

26) What is your place of origin?

It's actually a good question that I should ask my father if I only knew where he is right know.

27) Large or small family?
If we count NW as a family, then it's 5. 

28) Who are your parents?
Oh, this question.
My mother died during my birth and my father left me at the orphanage doors when I was 3, so... yeah. I don't like that story.

29) Do you have a phobia?
I really afraid of losing control of shadows. 

30) Piercing/tattoos?

I have one of my left shoulder. Butterfly, of course.

31) Is this quiz over?
Have a quick look... nope, not yet.

32) Do you like cats?
Of course! I love fluffy animals. Tbh, I love every animal I can think of.

33) What's your lucky number?
9, I think.

34) What's your favorite color?
Black, neon green, purple, do I have to choose only one? If yes, then purple.

35) What color are your eyes?

36) Quick! Someone kissed your love! What do you do?
Panic. Die from heart attack. Recover. Be happy about them together.
Or just punch him/her in the face, that depends who is kissing who.

37) No one cares about you.
I get used to it, no suprise.

38) Where do you want to be right now?
Bed sounds good. Or some tropical island with asphalted roads when I can rollerblade all the time!

39) What are you, in your love's opinion?
Oh, um... *blushes again* I think that he thinks I'm cute little wreido friend who always want to laugh and have fun and hang out with him and loves everybody and maybe one day he could date me and... I should stop before I start daydreaming of him again. He thinks I'm very helpful and friendly, that's for sure.

40) What do you do for a living?
Fighting crime! :D

41) You are in jail, what do you do?
Panic. Why I would be in jail? I never done anything bad! I'm innocent! Or at least not guilty!

42) Wanna party with me?
Oh, sorry, I don't like parties. The music is always too loud for me.

43) This quiz is over...
Heh, I don't think so.

44) You know I'm just kidding...
There's supposed to be only questions so where are they?

45) Now, for real, this quiz is over...
*falls asleep* wake me if anything changes.

46) Bye! See ya!!
Goodbye, have a nice day!

47) Do you have some special powers/abilities?
I can control shadows and teleport to their dimension. I'm also vey sensitive about sounds.

48) What is your species?
I'm a half-human, half-butterfly. No, I'm not joking.

49) What do you look like?
 Like a teenager with too many ideas about her hairstyle at once.


Ok, let's be honest - I love the way the dA mobile app looks, but it really likes to crash all the time x.x
I'm in love with the dA mobile app <3.


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